National Fleet Tracking

Welcome to NFT

The use of GPS fleet tracking is becoming very common. What used to break the budget is now very affordable. Our systems are designed to be used by small to mid size fleets and, of course, larger fleets with immediate return on your investment!

Because of the low cost of our GPS tracking systems (Less than $1 per day!) you really can't afford not to have it!

  • NFT eliminates "off-route" driving and reduces "idle time".
  • NFT reduces speeding and unnecessary accidents - leading to lower insurance premiums.
  • NFT provides the management tool to enhance your customer's view of you as a company: dispatch can easily answer questions about arrival and departure time and billing.
  • NFT will virtually eliminate all unnecessary driving and "moonlighting".

See for yourself!

If you are looking for a system to track your assets, fleet, or equipment then National Fleet Tracking is the perfect solution. Click here to check out our tracking options and see for yourself how affordable GPS fleet tracking can be. We are the “Eyes of the Road” and will help you keep a constant eye on your fleet.

No matter how big or small your fleet is, if your company relies on vehicles to get a job done, it will benefit from GPS fleet management!

NFT has been very valuable to me. It saves me numerous phone calls to drivers everyday asking where they are or how long before they reach their destinations. I can see when they left and arrived to our customers to track detention and on time service. I was skeptical at first but within days of receiving my trial unit I knew I wanted them in all of our trucks. It keeps drivers honest and more dependable. I highly recomend them to small or large fleet owners.
Russell Wade, Owner
Wade Trucking LLC