How To Update ELD Tablet

Step 1: Uninstall NFT Mobile

  1. Tap on Apps button
  2. Tap the Settings Button
  3. Tap Apps.
  4. Locate NFT Mobile, Tap the icon.
  5. Tap the Uninstall Button.
  6. When it completes, tap Ok.

Via Wifi Connection To Tablet

  1. Open Chrome Internet Browser
  2. Type http://hos.nationalfleettracking.com/install in browser
    1. Download of latest APK should begin immediately.
  3. When download completes, you can tap the file and it should begin installing.
    1. You will see a warning that this could harm your tablet because it’s not through the Google Play Store. We assure you, it’s safe to install.
  4. When installation completes, tap “Open” to launch the application.
  5. If you have Mobilock installed, go to Apps again and tap on Mobilock to start it up.


Via USB on a Computer

  1. On computer, visit http://hos.nationalfleettracking.com/install
  2. This will automatically start the latest version of the app downloading
  3. Once it’s complete, connect tablet via USB to the computer.
  4. Go into “Computer”, see the Tablet Connection (it varies on what it’s called). Dbl-click on that. You’re now connected to the tablet.
  5. You’ll want to go into the Downloads folder.
  6. Next, copy the file that you downloaded to the downloads folder on the tablet.
  7. Once the file has finished copying, you can disconnect it.
  8. Tap on Apps
  9. Find and tap on File Manager App.
  10. Tap on “Internal Memory”
  11. Tap on “Downloads”
  12. Tap on the File you copied (NFT-Mobile-vX.X.apk)
  13. Choose “Install”
  14. Say ok to warning.
  15. When install is complete, tap on Open.
  16. You’re done!