Shippers and Producers


LoadTrak is a reusable and robust tracking, temperature and door alert system that monitors truck loads and reports automatically back to shippers in real-time. It is designed with features that allow shippers to set custom alerts to protect even the most perishable products. Our company is passionate about ensuring food safety for our customers. With LoadTrak, shippers can relax knowing their product is secure, on time, on route and at the proper temperature. LoadTrak can offer shippers superior food safety from the field to the store without relying on anyone else. 

Imagine the value added for customers desiring the best! LoadTrak users have the power to stop an event or damage of product before it occurs! It is simple to use and built to withstand the harsh environments of the trucking industry. Once activated, it immediately starts reporting to the National Fleet Tracking cloud-based platform. Unlike temperature recorders, LoadTrak-Pro does not “tattle tail” after a problem has happened in transit. This is a brand new tool that shippers and receivers have to stop potential problems in real time, before a product is harmed, before a load is delivered late and when someone unauthorized opens a door of a properly sealed load.