NFT BusView Solution

Why BusView?

  • Improved Efficiency: Parents know where buses are, so their child can be ready to board / picked-up easily…also reduces exposure to weather…and parents stress
  • Time Savings: Deliver more kids quicker, due to less idle-time
  • Fuel Savings: Less idle-time also boosts fuel efficiency
  • Better Maintained Buses: Ensures bus maintenance is scheduled with timely reminders and related record-keeping is accurate
  • Reminders on all Date-bound Issues: Vehicle Tag renewals, Driver License renewals, Insurance renewals, driver birthdays, etc.
  • Higher Quality Record Keeping: Provides automatic record-keeping and management
  • Driver Behavior Tracking: Monitors driver-behavior including sharp turns, hard-braking, speeding and over-idling – beneficial for safety, as well as vehicle maintenance

What is BusView?

BusView is a solution for ISD’s who want to have peace of mind for administration, drivers, and parents for transportation of children to and from home on school buses. Not only can management see exactly where their buses are, they have a view on which students are on the bus, and when the students were picked up and dropped off.


Keeping It Simple

  • Simply Swipe Card On Reader
  • Reader Beeps To Confirm It Worked
  • Student Is Checked In For BusView and ParentView
  • Plan for Arrival
  • Ensure Correct Bus
  • Something Else


Take Away The Worry

  • Let’s Parents See Where Students Are
  • Viewing Pickup
  • View Drop-Off
  • Bus Change Requests
  • Ensure Correct Bus
  • Authorized Drop-Off’s
  • Out of Town Bus Trip Notifications