Question 1: Why no contracts?

Because we do not like them.

Question 2: Do you have an app?

We do have an app for iPhone and Android. Just search for “NFT Mobile” in the App Store or Google Play!

Question 3: How much will this cost?

This depends on the solution that your account manager designs to help your company track your fleet in location, maintenance, idling, and off route miles. Budget is one of the concerns that we take into account when designing a solution that fits your company. We have a variety of different tracking devices, plans, and tracking methods that should fit any budget. Our lowest monthly payment for 24 hour reporting is 7.95/month and scales up from there depending on your needs. What you find is that the savings in fuel, maintenance, and insurance are more than a enough to cover any cost for fleet tracking. Call us today to get a solution that meets your needs at 855-438-4771!

Question 4: Is there any annual software cost?

There are no annual software cost. The platform is provided as part of your recurring monthly fees for your device reporting.

Question 5: Why use fleet tracking systems?

Many companies do not realize how to utilize fleet tracking efficiently within their organization. A fleet manager hears “fleet tracking” and immediately begin imagining knowing where the vehicle is located. Rather than knowing their current location, which is important, a fleet manager should also be aware of the usefulness of the data gathered by GPS Tracking. Imagine knowing when your next maintenance item is needed and you can route the truck by the shop to get maintenance completed to help vehicles last longer. Imagine being able to know beyond a shadow of doubt that a truck driver is idling their trucks for HOURS while stopped. Imagine finding out your driver loves a scenic route that takes them 70 miles off the normal route. At 6 mpg, that’s almost 8 gallons of fuel saved if you cut that expense! This is just the beginning of what Fleet Track Pro offers you by monitoring your vehicles for you and creating nice reports for you to utilize for optimizing your fleet into a power house of savings.

Question 6: How difficult is GPS devices to install?

Our devices are relatively simple to install compared to some of the more complex systems we have seen available. Our devices typically are a 3 wire install – a power wire, an ignition power wire, and a ground. We provide written installation instructions as well as videos to help with installation, and not only that, our Support team is always ready to answer any questions that you or your mechanic might have.

Should I lease or purchase?

This question really depends on the customer. In order to lease, you typically own the equipment where the GPS tracker is going to be installed. When leasing, there are no out of pocket fees up front. The first lease payment is taken out 10 days after the GPS device is shipped. All of our leasing options are lease to own the device, where at the end of the contract you own the GPS device! Leasing is the best choice if you don’t want to go out of pocket for anything upfront. Our leases start as low as $65 a month, making it a very affordable way to gain all the benefits of a GPS tracking system. When purchasing, it’s a one time fee and then just a monthly service cost. We sell our devices at, or close to cost so when you buy from us you will be getting the best possible price.