Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Needing Electronic Logging Devices for HoS? Let’s talk about it:  855-438-4771 Important Things You Need To Know About ELD Final Rule In Effect By December 2017. This means you need to have it implemented by then. Current Status Of…


National Fleet Tracking knows your business is all about being responsive. Knowing where a driver is in real time helps you improve customer service.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking Page National Fleet Tracking offers solutions to help you manage your fleet of trailers no matter the type of trailers.


Just a Few of the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking


  1. Improve Fleet Safety
    Your fleet is much more than just vehicles. Your drivers well-being and your company’s reputation are equally, or more important.
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  2. Reduce Insurance Costs
    I’m sure you’ll feel as strongly as we do about the ever increasing insurance costs associated with our industry. So any way to decrease this ‘tax’ is surely welcomed.
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  3. Increase Productivity
    There’s nothing worse than chasing drivers to assess where and when they’ll be arriving and not having the answers at hand.
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  1. Superior Customer Service
    Set yourself apart from the competition with National Fleet Tracking. We help you to improve and maintain a healthy customer relationship that becomes a key factor in winning the confidence of all of your customers.
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  2. Healthy Customer Relationships
    National Fleet Tracking provides the tools to vastly improve your customer service. Vehicle tracking allows you to see real time delivery statuses and vehicle locations at a glance. Know locations in seconds to have better ETA’s for your customers.
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  3. Customized Solutions
    When it comes to fleet tracking, one size will never fit all. That’s why National Fleet Tracking prides itself on its flexibility to meet the needs of all of its customers by providing a wide range of data solutions.
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