Have Supreme Customer Service with Trailer Tracking

There’s only one thing that your customers want aside from you bringing their cargo to point B — information! If you want happy customers who always call on you to deliver their goods, make sure that you’re always ready with all the information that they might ask of you. Trailer tracking is key.

To do that, you have to be updated with what’s going on with their cargo. You have to know where it is, how it’s doing, and when it might arrive at its destination. This shouldn’t be a problem to you, right? When your customer calls you up and asks where their cargo is, all you have to do is give your driver a call and he’ll let you know where he is. That should take what, 1-2 minutes? Give or take 2 to 3 minutes for situations wherein your unit is in a radio-silence zone. That gives you a maximum of 5 minutes to respond to your customer. What an awesome response time! 5 minutes is half of 10 minutes and multiple times quicker than an hour.  You should give yourself a gold medal!

Don’t flatter yourself. A 5 minute response time is too long. That’s time that your client could have used up to do something else. When your customer waits that long to get a response, it wouldn’t bode well for your company. Which would you prefer? An immediate response or listening to that boring hold music on the phone? Definitely a response right that second!

Well, that’s what a complete trailer tracking system can do for you. Rather than making calls and making your customers wait on the other line or having to call them back for the information they are asking, you could just give the information right away. National Fleet Tracking’s trailer tracking keeps track of every single one of your fleet. You will get real-time information about your units on-demand. You have a quick reference to where your trailers are, how the cargo is doing, and when it could possibly arrive considering the traffic that’s going on. So, with our trailer tracking system in place, you can answer your customer’s queries in an instant. As soon as that phone rings, and he asks you where his cargo is, all you have to do is pop out the trailer that has his cargo on your computer or tablet screen and you can tell him without having to keep him on hold. That’s like 10 seconds to respond! And customers will love that! The difference between 10 seconds and 5 minutes is enough to make customers love you and stick with you as a business partner!

Customer service is everything, and this goes for all kinds of businesses. So call us up now and learn more about National Fleet Tracking’s trailer tracking system so that you can gain the edge that in the cut-throat business of shipping!

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