Save Fuel With Technology

With fuel being the greatest expense in fleet operation, it’s only smart to take advantage of the ubiquitous advancements in technology to improve its efficiency.

It’s no news to us that fuel prices have been on the rise, and according to John Hofmeister (the former oil exec of Shell Oil USA) we could be seeing $5 gasoline in the U.S. as we approach the end of the decade. In today’s world, businesses no longer can afford to stay in the dark when it comes to technology. By innovating and embracing it, you’ll have a tremendously positive impact on your business by effectively improving the fuel economy in your fleet – and your financials will really thank you.

And we’re not just talking any technology, we’re talking geospatial technology. One form of that being GPS systems. By having a GPS tracking system, your fleet managers can convert a range of data and analytics into useful knowledge. We’re going to break down exactly what we mean by a GPS tracking solution offering vital knowledge for your business and how you can literally be the eyes of the road.


The GPS tracking system processes which routes according to the driver’s position are the shortest, most efficient, along with accurate directions.


Monitor a driver’s speed, know when they’re taking a longer or alternate route or be aware when they’re idling. By pinpointing these issues with your drivers, you can easily eliminate high fuel consumption and get your fleet running at optimal performance.


By having driver location on hand, routing functionality makes it simple to allocate jobs to drivers according to their where-abouts. Additionally, it enhances customer communication as you’re able to give them real-time data about their delivery times.

So along with fuel-efficient vehicles and driver training, by implementing this technology for your business, you can efficiently handle fuel efficiency to inevitably increase your operational success. So when you save fuel with technology, you’re also cutting back on office time, phone costs and making a much higher amount of deliveries per day. What’s not to like?

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