National Fleet GPS Tracking Helps Recover Stolen Trailer


“I’ve been in touch with the prosecuting attorney and the owner of the truck stop. Together we will put these guys away for a long time,” says Ray, owner of a trucking company in Michigan and customer of National Fleet Tracking in Glen Rose, Texas. On Sunday morning, October 7, 2012 an unsuspecting thief thought that he had successfully disconnected and stolen a trailer from a truck stop in Detroit. However, because of the TTU-1200 GPS tracking device from NFT, the police apprehended the suspects within 15 minutes of being notified of the theft. Ray’s first priority of the morning is to check the GPS locator for an update on his drivers. On this particular day, the trailer was not where it should have been. Ray quickly called the driver, who liked to leave his rig parked overnight at a local truck stop, to inquire about the reefer loaded with chicken. After insisting that it was safely parked in the usual location, Ray informed the freshly awakened driver that it was in fact at a loading dock in Highland Park. National Fleet Tracking Vehicle Tracking SystemSeveral police officers were summarily dispatched to the GPS coordinates and soon arrived at a meat company, where they found the suspects in possession of the stolen merchandise. At first, the would-be criminals tried to lie their way out of trouble, but because NFT’s GPS tracking system was able to pinpoint the exact coordinates of the trailer and time of the theft to the second, police knew they “had their man.” The suspects did not even have enough time to use the bolt cutters found in their possession to open the stolen trailer. According to the police on scene, however, there were several other severed locks on the ground, an indication of previous criminal activity. As it turns out, the 2 men incarcerated regularly stole trailers in order to resale the merchandise to unknowing buyers. Ray says, “GPS has been very helpful. Before, I sat in the office in the dark, not knowing too much about the location of my drivers and trucks. Now, it is as though someone flipped the switch and the light is on. I can see my drivers, trucks, and trailers instantly. I know when my trucks arrive at the dock and when they leave, and my customers are very happy because I am able to provide them with vital and up-to-date information about deliveries.” According to a recent Insurance Services Office report the total estimated value of cargo theft in the U.S. just through June of 2011 was more than 85 million dollars. The ISO also reports that as little as 10-15 percent of stolen equipment is ever recovered. “NFT has been great. Trailer: twenty thousand dollars. Freight: fifty thousand dollars. Headache and stress avoided: priceless,” according to satisfied customer, Ray of Detroit Michigan. NFT’s GPS tracking system:

  • Will help truckers, plumbers, mechanical companies, oil field and other industries that use fleets of vehicles, small and large.
  • Is 100% web-based, allowing access from any web-connected computer.
  • Will help reduce fuel costs through a reduction in idle time and off route driving.
  • Improves dispatch decisions with up-to-the-minute location data for an entire fleet. And, Geo Fencing puts a virtual fence around truck yards or other facilities, sending alerts when vehicles enter that fence.
  • Integrates with PC Miler Fuel Tax to allow you to generate IFTA tax reports with virtually no data entry in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare them manually.
  • Improves trailer utilization with our trailer tracking options. You will never have another trailer sitting unused, forgotten, and failing to generate revenue.
  • Can be purchased for just under $10 per month to $24.95 monthly depending on the plan

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